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Cody was awe struck. Like boy
Just fell in love and wished Caleb was evicted.


Can someone tell me why Amber is going around saying she doesn’t trust Zach? Did i miss something?!

She wants a guy to go up and zach is a good option. Their not friends or allies and he wants her gone too.

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Thanks for the review

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Because look…

Well damn

that coder moment just now. <333333333333333333333333333333333 

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omg. ogmgogmoggogmogmgogmogmogmomg so cute.

What happened?

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When was this?

Undying love…epic love.

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"there's something about Amber's face, she kind of looks like a lion" cody said it at 7 58 this morning. nothing to do with her hair. 


Thank you but someone put the quote in context of the conversation and it sounds like he was calling her attractive… .

Yeah, I believe he meant it As a compliment. She does have that lioness look.

Goodness gracious they need to allow Matt to wear facial hair on the show.