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Detailed CM Punk Update From Wrestlemania 30 Week - More On His Engagement To AJ Lee; Is Her Spot In WWE Impacted By Punk's Status?, How Vince McMahon's Opinion Of Punk Is Different From Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, Latest Buzz In NOLA - 

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Do you have the full article?

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If I can just find A Man  like this

If I can just find A Man like this

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So…I was at Paleyfest and was able to see the first part of the 2-part season finale. I’m not getting my hopes up overall (Dan Harmon is at the helm after all), but I will say that as a Jeff x Britta shipper, their scene is pretty damn spectacular.

I would have died fangirling, but I was in public and I try not to do that in public. :)

Any hints of the scene?

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Dianna’s scenes from 5x12 100

Yay! Finally

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Leo and Oscars 

I love seeing fucking tumble get so up in arms about Leo losing again. Yes, Leo is a one of kind talent, but guess what: he didn’t deserve to win this year. Matthew and Chiwetel were out of this world. If you should be upset, be upset that Chiwetel lost. His performance of Solomon was transcending. If MM didn’t do DBC or get all that hype, Chiwetel would have swept. Matthew deserved the Oscar, but man Chiwetel should of gotten it.

Plus, this wasn’t even Leo’s best work. Hell, better performances have gotten snubbed: Denzel in Malcolm X, Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List, Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth. So stop crying…


I can’t FUCKING believe Leo lost to Matthew McCoconut like what the actual fuck?! No. I quit. I give up. I have lost all faith in humanity. Bring on the Apocalypse. Bring on Ragnarok. Bring on the fucking titans because I am DONE.

Did you watch Matthew? Leo is great, but it was always between Matthew and Chiwetel. Matthew was brilliant.

Stadium Series Sights & Sounds 


Why is no one giffing this ridiculousness?? Especially Jonny getting the belt at the end and being all confused and excited that it’s his first time.

While I’m complaining, where are the gifs of Jonny throwing himself at the bench after his goal?

Well, at least he doesn’t have far to go. Guess he put 10 million on the Broncos too.

Well, at least he doesn’t have far to go. Guess he put 10 million on the Broncos too.


Daniel Bryan was basically the “Beyoncé” of the Royal Rumble.

Nah, he was Kendrick Lamar, just like Kendrick at the Grammy’s, Daniel got robbed.